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Using the Cracker9 Sketch Plugin


To use Cracker9, first you will need a Screen designed in Sketch – this will allow you to create Links using the Cracker9 Plugin. As part of our ongoing tutorials on using Cracker9, today we will cover using the Cracker9 Sketch Plugin.

Lets try creating Links and Screens using the Cracker9 Sketch Plugin! (if you haven’t already, download Cracker9 from http://cracker9.io)



1. Export Assets from Sketch


In Sketch, select a Layer, and click “Make Exportable” on the bottom right of the screen.



Once clicked, properties will be updated as shown here.



And a knife icon will be shown on the Layer list on the left.



2. Verify with the Cracker9 app


* When exporting one artboard



* When exporting two or more artboards

Once Assets have been created from the images, save the file (Ctrl + S), and select the screen (Artboard) to export.



From the Sketch menu, select Plugins -> Cracker9 -> Export Selected Artboards.Plugin04



In the displayed popup, you can now set the Link properties (if you are not logged in, you will need to proceed with the login first).Plugin05



First, select the target platform.



Now select the appropriate resolution (DPI for Android, Resolution for iOS/Web).Plugin07



Once you enter a password, the Export button will become available.



Once the Export is completed, Cracker9 will start up automatically, with the created Link shown in the Link List.Plugin09



Selecting the Sketch Artboard name will display the exported screen in Cracker9. Lets take a look to see if the export was successful!Plugin11

If the screen looks good, you can now go back to the Link List, and pass on the exported Link to the developers (along with the password)


Cracker9 aims to continue helping designers and developers concentrate on being creative.
For further information on Cracker9, please feel free to contact us directly: hello@cracker9.io



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